Israeli military says Iran has launched drones to its territory, in what would be a significant escalation of regional conflict amid the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Foolish dumb mistake.
The United States reportedly repositioned two destroyers Friday in the Middle East to help defend Israel and American forces in the event of a highly anticipated retaliatory attack from Iran. One destroyer was already in the region while a second was redirected there ... Newsmax
VOA VIEW: A major problem and Biden is weak.
U.S. officials say Iran appears to be lining up a series of potential retaliations against Israel. LA Times


Directly and through proxy groups like the Houthis in Yemen, Iran has been disrupting commercial shipping in the Persian Gulf for years. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Biden has caused the present problem.
Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has thrown his support behind a challenger to unseat Rep. Dan Newhouse, R-Wash., one of the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach the former president in 2021. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: What goes around, comes around.
The Rosebud Sioux Tribe announced Thursday that Kristi Noem is banned from its tribal lands, making it the fourth tribal nation to ban the South Dakota governor, South Dakota Searchlight reported. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Fools!
President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are in a virtual tie, with Biden nearly erasing Trump's early polling advantage, according to a new survey released Saturday by The New York Times and Siena College. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: The NYT cannot be believed - Trump is ahead.
French President Emmanuel Macron has positioned himself as being one of the strongest defenders of Ukraine but already this year, more deliveries of Russian liquefied natural gas have gone to France than to any other country in the European Union compared to last year. Newsmax
The Biden administration is now taking aim at lightbulbs as part of its climate agenda, announcing Friday new efficiency standards that will "slash harmful greenhouse gas pollution" and set levels that can only be met by LED bulbs. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Biden is doing everything possible to destroy the US economy.


Former President Donald Trump says the jury selection in his upcoming New York criminal trial is "largely luck." Newsmax
Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis faces a new challenge to remain on the election interference case against former President Donald Trump, this time from the Department of Justice. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Willis will lose big.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection has introduced Enrollment on Arrival (EOA) at several international airports to facilitate its Global Entry program, The Hill reported Saturday. Newsmax
The rates of young people seeking permanent contraception increased drastically following the overturning of Roe v. Wade in June of 2022, a new study released Friday has revealed. Newsmax

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Kansas' governor on Friday vetoed a proposed ban on gender care for minors, a measure to require more reporting from abortion providers and what she called a "vague" bill making it a crime to coerce someone into having an abortion. Newsmax
The announcement comes days after President Biden met jointly with the leaders of Japan and the Philippines to discuss Chinese aggression in the Indo-Pacific region. New York Times
VOA VIEW: The world is sitting on a powder keg.
The income-driven plan known as SAVE has reduced payments for millions of borrowers. Lawsuits by Republican-led states are seeking to upend it. New York Times


House Speaker Mike Johnson and former President Donald Trump on Friday projected unity and vowed to push election integrity legislation requiring every voter to prove they are a U.S. citizen. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Voter identification should be a national must.
The scenes of Donald Trump being warmly greeted on Wednesday by a Black audience at a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Atlanta electrified conservative political media at a moment when Republicans hope to make inroads with Democrats' most committed voting bloc. Washington Times
Homeland Security reported a slight drop in illegal immigrants trying to sneak in across the southern border in March, suggesting the department may have turned a corner in the border chaos that's reined since the start of the Biden administration. Washington Times
Container ship seized by Iran's Revolutionary Guard near Strait of Hormuz amid tensions; George and Linda Meyers are the couple behind "Cook in Tuscany." CBS
VOA VIEW: Iran must be punished.
Harris portrayed Trump as the architect of restrictive abortion bans like the one upheld by the Arizona Supreme Court. CBS
VOA VIEW: Harris is an idiot.

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House Speaker Mike Johnson traveled to Mar-a-Lago Friday, where he met with former President Donald Trump. Johnson is hoping to get some public support from Trump amid ongoing criticism from some Republicans who claim he is not delivering, and a threat to his speakership from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Robert Costa reports from Palm Beach. CBS
VOA VIEW: Johnson's only hope is from Trump.
The son of President Biden is charged with lying about his drug use on a form to buy a gun in October 2018. CBS
VOA VIEW: AS he should.
Beware of taking dubious tax advice from unqualified creators on social media, say experts. Following wrong advice could potentially lead to fines. CBS
VOA VIEW: Tik Tok must be banned.

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Federal authorities are warning that unregulated Botox products are linked to an outbreak of botulism-like illnesses. CBS
If you're one of the millions of taxpayers who delay their taxes, it's easy to get an extension to October 15. CBS
The bill reforms and extends a portion of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act known as Section 702 for a shortened period of two years. CBS
VOA VIEW: Not good for Americans.
House Speaker Mike Johnson got the vote of confidence he needed from former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago on Friday. CBS
Israel is preparing for a direct attack by Iran on southern or northern Israel as soon as Friday or Saturday, The Wall Street Journal reported. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Any negative action from Iran must be used to abolish Iran's nuclear facilities.
The U.S. government is conducting research and risk assessment as large language models improve labor productivity within industries such as financial services. CNBC
Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted on X on Friday that the company is cutting the price of its Full Self-Driving, or FSD, package in half to $99 a month. CNBC
"All I can do is tell the truth," said Trump, who is charged with 34 counts of falsifying business records related to a payment to porn star Stormy Daniels. CNBC
The head of the world's largest money manager said it's unlikely the central bank will hit its 2% goal anytime soon. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Very unlikely.
President Joe Biden on Friday touted the promises his administration has kept for Black Americans, but warned of "extreme voices" that want to "turn back the clock" on racial equality. UPI
VOA VIEW: Biden makes lie after lie.
In preparation for the upcoming World Quantum Day, the Federal Bureau of Investigation outlined its commitment to keep emerging technologies, such as quantum computing, out of the hands of foreign adversaries. UPI

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