In the first head-to-head comparison of two blockbuster drugs, patients taking Mounjaro lost more weight than those taking Ozempic. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Results speak for themselves.
A defiant President Biden vowed Monday to stay in the presidential race amid calls by some Democrats for him to step aside. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Biden talks like a big fool.
AFP Action, a major conservative advocacy group backed by billionaire Charles Koch, is rolling out over $4 million worth of digital ads starting Monday backing Republican congressional candidates throughout the country. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: As they should.


A blitz primary was proposed to choose a new Democrat presidential nominee as a solution to replacing President Joe Biden on the party ticket. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: It's too late to make a change.
In yet another finding that touts the health benefits of wildly popular weight-loss medications like Wegovy and Ozempic, scientists report that taking the drugs may help reduce the risk of some cancers. Newsmax
Baby boomers are driving the U.S. economy, The Wall Street Journal reported. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: As they should - they are harder workers and smarter.
President Joe Biden being defeated in November's election will end the Department of Justice's weaponization against former President Donald Trump and his supporters. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Hopefully, the liberal Justice Department can be mantled.
Beryl is expected to be downgraded to a tropical depression by Tuesday morning as it moves from the Midwest to New York and New England after leaving Texas. New York Post
The White House said President Biden had met with a neurologist only three times in more than three years in office. But it would not say whether the visiting expert was consulting with the president’s physician about his health. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Another Biden lie.


A federal appeals court in New Orleans is taking another look at its own order requiring a Texas county to keep eight books on public library shelves that deal with subjects including sex, gender identity and racism. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: They should be banned.
Americans are increasingly skeptical about the value and cost of college, with most saying they feel the U.S. higher education system is headed in the wrong direction. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: It is a total failure.
New parents in Baltimore could receive a $1,000 "baby bonus" if voters approve a proposal that aims to help reduce childhood poverty from birth with a one-time cash payment. Washington Times
The State Department has urged Americans not to travel to Israel and the West Bank. CBS
VOA VIEW: The West Bank is a certain.

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One reason for the record volume might be that flight prices dipped slightly during the holiday weekend. CBS
Hurricane Beryl, which made landfall in Texas on Monday morning, is causing travel impacts on what was expected to be another busy day for airlines. Overnight, United, American Airlines and Southwest canceled dozens of flights in Houston and other cities because of the storm. CBS
VOA VIEW: It should have been expected.
With fewer than four months until the election, it's not just the national races that are drawing harassment, intimidation and threats, but local candidates as well. Harassment of local officials, both Democrats and Republicans, has increased by 55% over the past two years, according to a new study. CBS
VOA VIEW: The Nation is getting out of control.


Architecture students at Tulane University designed, created and built a permanent home for a man who hasn't had one for nearly two decades. The students worked on the project for 10 months as part of their final assignment for the UrbanBuild program at Tulane. CBS
Customers' deep frustration with higher prices has pushed many retailers and restaurants to step up discounts, promotions and value meals. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Inflation is a national issue caused by Biden.
President Biden faces growing pressure to drop out of the 2024 presidential race against Donald Trump after his poor debate showing. CNBC
VOA VIEW: It's more than the debate - Biden is not all there, and he is not going to step aside.
The Justice Department said in May that Boeing violated its 2021 settlement by failing to implement a certain compliance program. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Boeing is in a mess - the top must be ousted.
Innovations in artificial intelligence and the rise of remote work have fueled a surge in phony job and recruitment ads. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The country has pivoted to the left.

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Shootings in Chicago over the July Fourth weekend left 19 people dead, including two women who died shielding children from gunfire, and more than 100 injured. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Crime has gone out of control.
Soldiers with the New York Army National Guard are currently testing mini-drones that the Army hopes will one day be in the hands of all 7,000 of its squads. FOX News
VOA VIEW: It be a fighting game changer.
President Joe Biden confirmed that he is not stepping down as the Democratic nominee in a letter to congressional Democrats on Monday. UPI
VOA VIEW: As we predicted.

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At least 31 people were killed and more than 100 injured as dozens of Russian missiles slammed into cities across Eastern and Central Ukraine including the capital, Kyiv where a children's hospital was badly damaged. UPI
VOA VIEW: Russia is causing major problems by testing Biden's weakness.
A wildfire burning in a New Jersey state Park is 75% contained, officials said Sunday. It has scorched more than 4,000 acres since Friday. UPI
A second radio host has come forward and said he was provided with questions prior to an interview with President Joe Biden, according to ABC News. UPI
VOA VIEW: Biden cheats is giving out questions in every interview.
India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi started a two-day Kremlin visit on Monday, marking his first trip to Moscow since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine. UPI
VOA VIEW: Hopefully India doesn't fall in the black hole.

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